Bloomberg Spotlights Sex Toy ‘Discovery Commerce’

Ariana Rodriguez

NEW YORK — According to a report in Bloomberg Businessweek, “discovery commerce” is infiltrating the sex toy market.

Discovery commerce is a growing trend in ecommerce introducing uninformed shoppers to new products through monthly subscriptions. Already found in a number of markets, including food, pet supplies and beauty, Bloomberg Businessweek highlights the potential of discovery commerce companies in the taboo adult retail market.

In addition to Boink Boutique, a service that delivers miscellaneous adult goods to its subscribers on a monthly basis, adult discovery commerce is getting a boost from a former Goldman Sachs analyst Shauna Mei. Her company AHAlife has launched AHAnoir, a service that send its 1 million members recommendations on boutique items from high-end brands.

According to Bloomberg, in 2011 Mei tapped into the pleasure products market with the addition of Jimmyjane’s Rabbit to her offerings to commemorate the Chinese New Year. Its success led to the launch of an entire pleasure products section, the report says.

“We want to bring people high-quality brands from around the world and marry that with content,” Mei told Bloomberg Businessweek. “Here is the story behind the product, and also how to use it. If you want to explore bondage, for example, here’s what it is, here is what you need to experiment with that lifestyle.”

The article suggests that Mei will have to grow her stable of curators in include more sex and fetish experts.

“We want to focus on sexual enlightenment,” she says. “Too many people shy away from learning about a critically important part of their lives.”