Chloe Amour Inspires Naughty By Vapor Flavor

VENICE, Calif. — Naughty By Vapor says it is now taking orders for “Mint Chloe” E-juice, a flavor inspired by adult starlet Chloe Amour.

E-juice (also known as E-liquid, Juice or smoke juice), is the liquid that is vaporized when using an electronic cigarette, and what gives the smoke a particular taste.

“I’m thrilled to be working with NBV,” Amour said. “The flavor is fantastic and I’m thrilled to be associated with it.”

Amour added that she had another thrill to share with fans — she recently performed alongside a real-life couple in “Threesome Fantasies Fulfilled 2” (Pure Passion).

“I worked with Sara Luv and her boyfriend Jake Taylor,” she said of the release . “I think the fact that they are a couple off-screen gave the scene a different dynamic and took it to places it might not have otherwise gone. It was a great, fun scene”

Both “Threesome Fantasies Fulfilled 2” and “Fresh Melons” (3rd Degree) release this week.

Naughty By Vapor announced that while its team puts the finishing touches on their website, orders will be accepted through