Exile Ships '12 Inches a Slave' From Hot Mess

Lila Gray

LOS ANGELES — Hot Mess Entertainment has asked fans to consider their new hardcore parody “12 Inches a Slave” when making their Oscar selections. 

A flip-flop approach to its inspirational predecessor, “12 Years a Slave,” the XXX version presents what Exile Distribution owner Howard Levine calls “a heartwarming story about five white women who have become slaves to huge black cock.”

In the running for (imaginary Oscars) Worst Taste in Adult, as well as Best Grimace in Pain During an Anal, Best Smile During a Massive Facial, Most Ridiculous Title for an Interracial Movie, Best Picture and others, “12 Inches a Slave” features two anal scenes, five facials and black cock for days. 

"Apparently someone in the actual Academy has seen our teaser ad," Levine told XBIZ, adding "We already got a nasty email from a 'mainstream' editor, who ends his missive with the phrase 'HOW DARE YOU,' in all caps."

Levine said he could only respond, "Too soon?" 

“12 Inches a Slave” is shipping via Exile Feb. 12 and streeting Feb. 19. For further details or ordering information, contact Levine at howard@exiledist.com or (818) 576-9464.