BaDoink Type-In Home Reboots as Digital Magazine

Rhett Pardon

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — CM Productions announced today that the type-in tour has been transformed into an adult consumer-oriented digital magazine.

Responsively designed for compatibility with every device, the web-based publication  features original content focused on myriad subjects at the intersection of sex, lifestyle and technology.

The company said the new type-in tour only impacts type-in traffic.

BaDoink's new home launches with 650-plus articles, the work of more than 20 experienced staff writers.

The digital magazine, with four to six posts a day, includes breaking news articles like coverage of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s untimely demise, as well as light-hearted pieces focused on everything from fashion foibles to new craft brews. 

While the magazine covers a breadth of topics, BaDoink's focus will remain on adult entertainment. The periodical, which is in front of the pay wall, includes numerous porn star interviews, softcore preview clips and industry news.

“These are real writers with educations from degree-bearing institutions in the U.S. and Europe,” CEO Todd Glider said. "It’s no black hat scheme. We’d like to get more SEO traffic, more return traffic.

"We are a technology company, so it’d be great to get the attention of tech websites like Gizmodo and TechCrunch, and have them start linking to us,” he said.

Said Editor-In-Chief  John Lane: “The aim of the magazine is to provide quality, entertaining and informative articles covering lifestyle, technology and, of course, sex, in such a way that BaDoink becomes as much a household name in the 21st century as Playboy did in the 20th. When you open BaDoink, you'll be opening a window onto all aspects of today's world.”