PHS Nipple Clamp Line Secures Major Distro Outlets

Bob Johnson

PHOENIX — PHS International has announced major adult outlet distribution with the launch of its new Bijoux de Nip nipple clamp line.

The products feature vibrantly colored feathers handpicked and handcrafted with fashion-inspired details.

PHS said with full support from distributors including Eldorado and Honey’s Place, the clamps will be available to even more shoppers seeking a sensual and sophisticated way to adorn their bodies.

“We are elated to see Bijoux de Nip has garnered the support of so many respected distribution and retail outlets and is leaving a luxurious impression in the industry,” PHS International’s Chuck Harnish, said.

He added, “Feather fashion is hot right now, a trend that has inspired every Bijoux de Nip design. We use only the highest quality feathers in bright colors and vivid hues, including peacock feathers, and the response from both men and women has been phenomenal.”

Since adding Bijoux de Nip to its catalog, Eldorado said it is particularly impressed by the line’s performance and its ability to introduce new and non-adult markets to this kind of intimate adornment.

“Nipple clamps and nipple jewelry are categories that are growing quickly for us,” Eldorado CEO Larry Garland, said. “The feather quality and colors are phenomenal; we’ve had them in stock for more than five weeks and they’re already flying out the door.”

“Bijoux de Nip is perfect for cross-market sellability to stores that don’t carry adult products but are more lingerie-friendly, which has helped us capture the non-adult market with its pretty and eye-catching appeal,” Eldorado Account Manager Alexandra Cage, added. “The use of the natural eye-shape of the ostrich feathers matched with the colored feathers draw women, and the innovative packaging gives clear visibility of the product, so the consumer knows what’s he or she is getting.”

Honey’s Place also signed on to carry Bijoux de Nip following increased customer demand for the growing nipple clamp category, and said that it appreciates that the brand provides a luxurious supplement to the distributor’s current offerings.

“The feathers on these items are quality, eye-catching, unique and fashionable, which appeals to consumers,” Honey’s Place President and CEO Bonnie Feingold, said. “Bijoux de Nip offers a good price point for the retailer, and we’re confident it will have a solid sell-through rate at the store level.”

Jennifer Downey, President at Ohio-based adult retail chain Ambiance, sees Bijoux de Nip as an ideal introduction to nipple play. “The line is fun and ‘kicky’ without being ‘kinky,’” Downey said. “This line appeals to women who like the idea of trying something different — but something that still looks fun and flirty and not so serious.”

Bijoux de Nip is available in five different clip styles — black tweezer, blue tweezer, pink tweezer, alligator and wide tweezer — and each has 2-3 different feather varieties to maximize their appeal. The feathers are available in black, vibrant color combinations, and natural.

To order the clamps, contact a PHS distributor or email