Fun Toys Reports Success of G-Vibe Noir

LONDON — Fun Toys is reporting that its limited edition G-vibe Noir — produced in a limited number of 10,000 pieces —has completely sold out after two months on the market.

“Lucky owners of Noir Limited Edition must be enormously happy to have this amazing product as G-vibe Noir is truly limited edition,” the company said. “Hurry up to get the last ones from the shelves! G-vibe struck the adult market as genuinely unique, original and one-of-a-kind product.”

Fun Toys said it was granted a patent No. 002377697-0001 on Dec. 27, which covers all countries in the European Union and protects G-vibe in the category “Vibrators for Massage.”

According to the company, G-vibe is covered by patent in the U.S., E.U. and Ukraine, and has a pending patent in Russia and China.

“I make sure again and again that if you do something well thought of and with all your heart and efforts, this will definitely be properly appreciated and worthwhile,” said Jack Romanski, the inventor of G-vibe. “Fun Toys team puts a lot of thought, ideas and care into design and production of every detail of our products. Therefore, we are more than happy that G-vibe Noir has received such a great feedback and sold out so fast. The patents which we now have prove once again the initial idea of inventing such an original massager was worthwhile and really unique.”