Barrett Blade Plunges Back Into Production

VENICE, Calif. — Director Barrett Blade announced his latest feature for Adam & Eve, “Untamed Heart.”

The romantic drama centers around Annika Albright, a lovestruck girl from a life of privilege who must choose between two men from very different worlds. Torn between James Deen and Tommy Gunn, Albright must decide if she will sacrifice the security she's always known or pass up the only chance for adventure and freedom she's ever had.

“The story really resonated with me,” Blade said. “It's a compelling drama that hits hard. I was really drawn in by the conflict between the two male characters — the biker bad boy and the rich kid. I particularly liked the fact that both were great guys from different circumstances, and that they both deeply loved her. There's this almost electric tension between all the actors and it really cranks up the heat in the scenes. I know my audience will feel it too.”

Blade has several more projects lined up for February, including a big budget feature for Wicked starring Kaylani Lei.

Blade explained, “I don't want to give too much away, but I can say the story has to do with a rock band touring and life on the road, which I know something about from my days in the music industry.”