Fantasy by Cara Sutra Set to Launch Feb. 21

Ariana Rodriguez

UNITED KINGDOM — Award-winning sex blogger, adult product reviewer and lifestyle domme Cara Sutra introduces her new bondage kit launching mid-February.

Created and developed in association with La Boudoir Boutique, the Fantasy by Cara Sutra bondage kit is the beginning for the Cara Sutra Collection, with more products in development to be added to the range in coming months.

The Fantasy by Cara Sutra Collection will be officially launched on Feb. 21 at La Boudoir Boutique in Canterbury. There is an open invitation to attend, with refreshments available, demonstrations of the bondage kit by Cara Sutra herself, as well as games and prizes. To RSVP for the event, click here.

"After being invited to help officially open La Boudoir Boutique last August, I was approached by the directors of Select E products and asked whether I would be interested in developing my own range of fetish and bondage products,” Cara Sutra said. “Simply a dream for many involved in the industry, I was delighted to be asked and was excited to learn more. After much deliberation and discussion, we came to an agreement on both the products to be created for the range, the name of the range as well as important style and design direction.”

Fantasy by Cara Sutra is an eight piece bondage kit that includes wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, blindfold, collar, leash, bondage rope, breathable ball gag and flogger.

“I have been 100 percent involved with every part of the product and range development,” she said. “No decisions have been made without me, and I have been very happy working with the other company directors, Julian Holloway and Vic Bussey. I am an equal partner in this company and have been consulted for my input and preferences at every stage.

“There are ambitious plans for the future of The Cara Sutra Collection — my hopes are to move from firstly the bondage kit for beginners to the individual soft bondage and kink items, then add more advanced BDSM products to the collection for fetish enthusiasts. There is even the possibility to add fetish-wear to the collection in the future, which is a very exciting prospect.”

 The Fantasy by Cara Sutra bondage kit will be sold through a new company, The Cara Sutra Collection Ltd, a sister company to Select E Products, the holding company of adult e-commerce website Adult Toys UK and bricks and mortar sex toys store, La Boudoir Boutique.

“Retailers will discover many benefits from adding The Cara Sutra Collection to their stock base,” Cara Sutra said."Not only are the products great quality, safe to use and of course, fantastic fun, they are the result of my years of experience in the fetish scene. Unlike some of the other bondage and fetish products available on the market, the Cara Sutra Collection has been developed by a kinkster for other kinksters.

“I like to think I know what people will enjoy and also need when it comes to bondage and BDSM sessions, so customers are certain to love these products and come back for more. In addition, retailers will be able to take advantage of the fact that Cara Sutra is a known name in the adult industry, with a prolific sex blog, recognition in the fetish scene, a strong web presence and many followers ready to experience this range of products.”

For more information and to pre-order,email