Sabrina Deep Launches 'Tourless' Website

Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — Adult star Sabrina Deep has launched her new website,, that she says “makes the tour model a thing of the past.”

Deep, known as the “Queen of Bukkake” and a pioneer in the “fuck-a-fan” genre, has built a brand that she said has survived the hard times in adult and is now ready to debut her unconventional site.

"As both a porn maker and consumer I started realizing a few months ago how boring adult websites have become. They all look the same, they are extremely predictable in the way they function and they don't leave any choice to the casual visitor (and yet a potential client) but to leave after 30 seconds they entered the website," Deep said.

She added,"I wanted something that would stimulate the visitors and challenge them to use the website and come back again and again if they didn't subscribe at this time. Going beyond the tour model cliché has given me the freedom to turn my website from an advertising flyer that everybody sees but nobody reads into a real website which has a reason to exist beyond its members' area."

The performer noted that beside the lack of a typical tour, the site’s modern web programming architecture and portability makes it one of the most user friendly and low maintenance adult homes on the web.

Being responsive to any device and screen size change and using native HTML5 video tags, Deep maintained that her site guarantees the same end user experience on mobiles, tablets and PCs without the need of additional coding and maintenance. In its first two weeks online, with no announcements about its release, Deep claimed a 600 percent increase of engagement in the free area that was once the tour.

"That's a lot of extra engagement even for someone like me who is used to entertaining 50 men at a time in bed," Deep said. "The more time people spend on my site, the stronger and more memorable my brand becomes."

The members’ area has been redesigned as well. Video streaming is now supported natively and is available directly on the user's browser without the need of any external video player or plug in; the gallery section allows users to create their own cross-galleries zipped file with their favorite pictures to download onto their device; a real time geo-locator shows Deep's position on Google Maps along with her telephone number; and a dating section makes it possible for a fan to connect with Deep in the flesh. Subscribers also receive four updates and 40 hours of live webcam a week.

"It's impossible to disclose all the features of my new website in just a few lines of text. I invite you to visit to discover them all by yourself and to enjoy a truly different, refreshing adult website," Deep said.