The pjur Group Reports ANME Success

Bob Johnson

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg — The pjur Group has reported a successful ANME Founders Show that focused on new products for the American market.

The company’s annual trek to California included a booth manned by pjur Team USA sales executive Richard E. Harris with support from pjur CEO and founder Alexander Giebel.

Products on display included Woman Nude, pjur analyse me!, and Back Door Comfort water glide, as well as new displays that included Counter Cardboard Displays in a new format (40x200x215mm) for micro countertops that pjur said were very well received by the retail trade.

The displays come in three versions including “pjur —elements of love,”, “pjur med” series, and a new “black version,” each designed to target particular groups.

Pjur said the standard model of the slat wall displays generated such a positive response from retailers that the company is having several hundred units produced for delivery to pjur USA by the end of February.

Harris noted that he was pleased with the professionals that visited the booth and their feedback.

“The new stand was well received. We had many good conversations with our regular customers, but new customers visited our stand as well to get detailed information. The new slat wall displays and the light boxes in particular made a great impression. We got many compliments from customers and retailers. It was one of our best shows in terms of image and business,” Harris said.

pjur Team USA also conducted a special promotion that included the distribution of pjur labeled bottles of lemon water for “a vitamin kick.” One attendee described the giveaway as“Healthy and clever: a strong brand idea.”