Kaico Found Liable for Fleshlight Patent Infringement

Ariana Rodriguez

AUSTIN – Interactive Life Forms’ general counsel told XBIZ it recently filed suit against Kaico Corporation, a manufacturer that produced counterfeit product and sold it on Amazon.com.

“Operations like this essentially are defrauding customers by stealing from companies like ILF,” said Matthew Esber, ILF’s General Counsel. “In the end those losses impact our product development, operational areas and ultimately they impact our customers, most of which are trying to purchase legitimate products. We took this action because we strongly believe in defending the intellectual property rights that we’ve worked so hard to create.

“We think competition is healthy, but competitors should create their own original intellectual property, not steal ours. The United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas agreed with us and found Kaico Corporation liable to ILF for over $1,300,000. ILF will also protect its intellectual property rights worldwide and will consider filing suits against any parties involved in infringing its intellectual property anywhere in the world where it holds or will hold rights.”

Fleshlight recently announced that it has sold more than 7 million units of its product.