iGino Launches New Website

Bob Johnson

LONDON — Klaytex Ltd. today announced the launch of its designer pleasure product brand iGino website.

The company said the site is designed to better service trade, press and the consumer. The latest information and images are available to download through the login areas that registered users can access at a click of the button.

There is also a wider selection of B2B materials that explain and promote the unique features of the iGino One.

In addition, the website links to the company’s social media networks; viral video content; international press coverage and information about the iGino brand and its products.

“We are really pleased with the new website, we believe it really reflects the essence of the iGino brand whilst bringing together all the elements that best illustrate the iGino One,” Claudio Debortoli, head of international sales, said.

For sales inquiries email sales@i-gino.com.