Infographic Reveals East Asia Has 'Japanese Fetish'

Lila Gray

CYBERSPACE — Using data from Porn MD, the tech site Quartz generated an infographic to depict the most popular country-specific porn search terms in East Asia.

And it turns out the collective countries of the orient like the Japanese — a lot.

This is how Quartz siphoned the data: they took the top-ten porn search terms (on porn search engines only) from eight countries in East asia, then filtered out only words pertaining to a specific country. They included not only directly related words (Indonesia, China) but related words as well (Japanese massage, names of particular actresses).

Using the remaining top-ten 55 search terms, the team “mapped the pornographic search connections” between the countries.

They found that each country exhibited an attraction for its own kind — i.e., those living in the Phillipines tend to search for Filipinos. There was also some oddball findings, like South Korean’s penchant for American porn star Holly Halston.

However, Japanese-related search terms were pervasive. So much so, that 22 out of the 55 top-ten search terms had to do with Japan.

While the Japanese might just have that “special something,” the Quartz team points out that there are several plausible explanations.

For one, the Japanese porn industry is pretty big, raking in $20 billion in 2006, according to the reporters. It is also the origin country of popular niches, like hentai/anime.

China’s scare porn production and supply might also be a co-culprit. As the largest country in the region, with a massive population, porn consumers are forced to look elsewhere for their XXX fix.

To check out the infographic, click here.