Gizmodo: Where Do Sex Toys Go to Die?

Lila Gray

LOS ANGELES — As one Gizmodo reporter muses, sex toys have the potential to linger long after you’re gone, a predicament that threatens to validate Andy Warhol’s famous assertion that “dying is the most embarrassing thing that can happen to you.”

She writes, “But disposing of sex paraphernalia  … is something every boomer should be concerned about. The days are dwindling down to a precious few and some of you have a nasty cough. Do you want the people clearing out your house, particularly your children, to find those feathery, metallic, rubbery, polymer blend items you ordered one drunken night a few months after you'd been forced to take early retirement?”

While the author insists that she has no such qualms about her sex toys becoming public knowledge, she felt compelled to find the best, greenest way to dispose of unwanted vibes/massagers/etc. — a far more difficult task than she anticipated.

After calling up the most plausible aids — Good Vibrations in Oakland, Pleasure Chest in West Hollywood, Babeland in New York, — and coming up short, the reporter was forced to turn to one of the greenest/crunchiest cities in the nation — Portland, Or.

It turns out that, based in Portland, was the only retailer that offered a comprehensive sex toy recycling program. As an incentive, the company throws recyclers a $10 discount on their next online purchase.  

Are you "sexstainable?" the website asks. If so, the ScarletGirl team will break down the toys, separate the components and recycle them.

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