Payze Implements Loyalty Discount Feature

Lila Gray

MORGANVILLE, New Jersey — Payment solutions company announced today that it has added a new “loyalty discounts” feature to its billing system.

Loyalty discounts allow clients to apply for flat or percentage reductions to their paid memberships sites. Single or multiple discounts can be applied one time or for several months, and can be saved to other join options, Payze said in a release.

“With loyalty discounts you no longer have to fuss with an overload of tedious forms — our system is a cinch compared to other programs,” CEO Doug Wicks said.

“Each discount you apply can be viewed on a calculator built right in, [so] there’s no need to keep track of anything on your own,” Wicks continued. “Our focus is to help clients increase customer retention. We want you to be able to accomplish simple tasks in a fast and easy way.”

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