VendContent Cloud-based Video E-commerce Platform Debuts

Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — VendContent, a new cloud-based video e-commerce platform has debuted.

The company said the offering is available for companies in both the mainstream and adult markets and allows for lasting e-commerce-oriented relationships directly with consumers based on repeat visits and purchases of premium content.

Companies can repackage their content in new ways, and customers can selectively rent or buy individual scenes, entire movies or movie bundles, or join VIP memberships that provide a free rental library along with discounts on other content purchases, according to the developers.

Webmasters can share content libraries and exchange leads for actual paying customers.

Industry veteran RJ, who also runs content syndicator, is the driving force behind VendContent.

“Only a few of every thousand visitors to a membership site will become paying members, but hundreds more will engage with sites powered by VendContent," RJ maintained.

He added, "Enticing new visitors, exit traffic, former customers and consumers from dating and live cam sites with a few free sample rentals or a coupon for a free download via iTunes guarantees more visitors will engage with your business and become paying customers. From micropayments to VIP accounts, the VendContent platform makes it easy and economical to create new online experiences for your customers blending the best e-commerce aspects of popular sites like iTunes, Neflix or Amazon Prime."

At the core of the VendContent platform is a digital asset management and entitlement system and the VendContent API. The digital asset management system stores and organizes all of the metadata associated with each digital media asset (scene, clip, preview, movie, episode, show, series, DVD, etc.) and the entitlement system stores settings that determine which user types can view each digital media asset and in what modality (purchase, rental, free, etc.).

The VendContent API is used to ingest this metadata via XML, MySql, CSV and other data storage formats. The platform is offered as a managed service with all technical and human resources included in one monthly fee.

VendContent can be deployed as an extension or replacement of existing systems. The platform integrates with existing systems used for membership sites and affiliate programs. Webmasters can reuse their existing content storage, streaming media and credit card processing resources to simplify and speed deployment. Since the VendContent system is cloud-based, it also works for multiple content libraries in multiple locations for use within a single e-commerce site.

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