Kheper Expands Bride-To-Be Line at ANME

LOS ANGELES — Kheper Games, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of their new line of Bride-to-Be games and activities: “Naughty Confessions,” “Naughty Pursie,” “Naughty Party Dice” and “We’ve Never.”

Kheper will be launching these items as well as several more upcoming new releases at the ANME show starting Jan. 11.

"Bride-to-be party planners want simple and fun party entertainment ideas that have not been overdone at previous parties,” said CEO Brian Pellham. “Our new line of Bride-to-Be party games offers party guests creative and unique party experiences that you won’t find with other games. As with all our games, you can be assured that we offer much more than just the same couple dozen dares in different boxes. Our content is always fresh, inventive and unique. Each game also offers enough original entertainment to last the entire event.”

For more details on Kheper Games’s Bride-to-Be party game line please contact