White Ghetto Films Offers Free Retail Starter Kits

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — White Ghetto Films has announced that they are now offering free 50-piece promotional DVD starter kits for retailers and distributors who are not already carrying the niche studio’s titles.

Retailers not currently carrying White Ghetto Films releases now have an opportunity to give the studio’s titles a try and introduce their customers to White Ghetto's niche hardcore. The package contains fifty of their recent releases spanning the many genres that White Ghetto produces. The giveaway pack also includes several other studio-branded items.

White Ghetto Films Sales Manager Bill Rix commented, “This is a great chance for retailers who haven’t already been carrying our titles to check them out and offer our unique brand to their customers. Stores will find that White Ghetto Films' titles bring strong repeat business and a loyal fan base that will keep their clientele coming back for more.”

For additional information visit WhiteGhettoFilms.com or contact Bill Rix directly at (888) 321-5269 or bill@whiteghetto.com