Now Accepting Bitcoin

Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — is now accepting the digital currency Bitcoin for membership payments.

Company Marketing Supervisor, Jack, confirmed the development with XBIZ that includes using BitPay to process the transcations.

In addition to Bitcoin, continues to accept traditional credit card payments, PayPal and online checks.

Although there has been some controversy about Bitcoin, the anonymity offered to users is its saving grace, making it an attractive payment option for adult websites.

“We're always trying to adopt new methods of payment and with Bitcoins, it opens up a whole new landscape to users who want their transactions to remain completely discreet and untraceable. We recognize the Bitcoin is not going anywhere and we felt that accepting Bitcoins would not only set a precedent with other companies but falls in line with's always progressive attitude of moving forward and blazing our own trail,” Jack told XBIZ.

The new crypto-currency also received a shot in the arm when a U.S. Senate meeting recently found Bitcoin to be a legitimate monetary instrument.

According to CoinDesk, is the largest adult site to embrace Bitcoin.