What Happened to the Tila Tequila Sex Tape?

Lila Gray

LOS ANGELES — Christmas Day has come and gone … and yet, no Tila Tequila sex tape has surfaced.

TMZ reported earlier this month that fans would get a hardcore taste of the pint-sized former Myspace darling in a rumored kinky boy/girl romp “in time for Christmas.” Perhaps they meant Christmas 2015?

Tequila fans may be disappointed at their empty e-stockings, but there is hope yet: TMZ has posted a short video clip allegedly lifted from the sex tape that alludes to more to come.  

Just under two minutes, the short clip opens on a strange scene in which Tequila is acting out an alter ego — the British-accented Ashley, half-sister to the real Tequila. She lament trips to the U.S. where people repeatedly mistake her for her famous sibling. A man, face not pictured, hovers in the background and chimes in with stage directions from time to time.

According to the TMZ staff “calling [the footage] ‘hardcore’ is an understatement.” To check out the clip, click here.

Tequila allready appeared in a Vivid-released sex tape "Uncorked" in 2011, alongside two lady friends and lots of toys.

Vivid did not reply immediately to requests for comment.