Shock Therapy Pleasure Panty Now in Stock, Shipping

Ariana Rodriguez

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Pipedream’s award-winning Fetish Fantasy Series continues to grow as its selling Shock Therapy series expands to include the Shock Therapy Pleasure Panty.

The electrosex panties feature a vinyl lace-up G-string and a Luv Touch handheld power unit that doubles as a hand massager.

The setting function on the power unit’s dial controls the intensity and allows users to switch between “slow” or “fast” to control the frequency of the shock, or adjust the dial at the base of the compact remote to control the strength of the shock. Switching to “in” mode lets users enjoy the remote as a hand massager, as the oval center piece delivers shocking stimulation once their palm touches any other part of the metal. A small pocket on the front of the panty allows the wearer to holster the power unit.

“Our Shock Therapy Pleasure Panty is the perfect solution for kinky couples looking to add a little jolt to their sex lives,” Visual Merchandiser Briana Honz said. “Great for beginners, the familiar design of the sexy G-string panty is much less intimidating than other Shock Therapy units. And the hand control unit couldn’t be more simple to use with just two switches and one dial to control its plethora of functions.”

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