DrSusanBlock.Tv Awards 2013 Airs Tomorrow

Lila Gray

LOS ANGELES — The DrSusanBlock.tv Awards 2013 will air live tomorrow from 10:30 p.m. to midnight on “The Dr. Susan Block Show.” 

Hosts Dr. Susan Block, Capt’n Max, Trixie Plenty and other staff members will reflect upon the year and bestow awards to previous show guests from 2013.

“The DrSusanBlock.tv Awards honor excellence in broadcast, artistry and exhibitionism, recognizing erotic performance, sexual intelligence and ‘weapons of mass seduction,’” Block said. "They celebrate 'peace through pleasure' in all kinds of weather, and they pay tribute, with humor and deep respect, to those of us who work and play in the field of sexuality.”

She added, “For the sake of better sex education, more high quality sexuality research and development, more interesting and entertaining pornography and erotica, a more sex-positive aesthetic and a more bonobo ethos, we present these very special awards."

This year’s award categories include Sexiest Sex Researcher, Most Intelligent-Sounding Porn Star, Most Orgiastic Author, Truest Libertine, Kinkiest Committed Couple, Sexiest Mainstream Performer, Best Female/Male Ejaculator, Best-Dressed Guest, Hottest Post-Show Sex, Best Boob Job, Most Orgasmic Sybian Rider, Most Fanatic Foot Fetishist, Best Lollipop-Licker, Most Mesmerizing Pole Dancer, Most Enlightening Sex Educator, Hottest Hair, Most Blasphemous, Most Morbid, Most Impressive P-Spot Stimulator, Most Dangerous Sex Act, Most Intimate Interview, Greatest Erotic Entertainment Longevity, Most Adorable, Best Sex Play, Most Family-Oriented Porn Star, Best Sex Toys, Sharpest Whip, Wildest Bartender, Most Gracious, Most Intoxicated and more.

Award winners must have guested on “The Dr. Susan Block Show” in 2013.

To listen free via computer or phone visit http://m.drsuzy.tv; or watch the show live at DrSusanBlock.Tv for a small fee.

Click Here for a list of last year’s winners.