James Deen Signs On for Jezebel Q&A

Lila Gray

LOS ANGELES — James Deen enthusiastically announced to the Twittersphere today that he will be helming an upcoming Q&A-based article for the pop feminist site, Jezebel.com.   

“The lovely people @Jezebel have decided to let me do a Q&A article with them. Send all questions to jamesdoesjezebel@gmail.com!!!!!” Deen tweeted today at around 9 a.m.

He quickly clarified with a follow-up tweet-quip, “Don't actually include the exclamation points in the email address.”

Jezebel confirmed the collaboration shortly thereafter.

“It's true — noted porn auteur and nice-guy-next-door James Deen wants to write a column for Jezebel. He'll answer your questions, dispense advice and offer insights into whatever you're looking to know about. Just ask,” the Jezebel editorial staff announced.

The forthcoming advice column/Q&A/editorial is slated to arrive after the holidays.

Those interested in participating can send questions to jamesdoesjezebel@gmail.com, exclamations implied only.