‘Santa’ Kim Airs Profiled in L.A. Times

Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — L.A. Times columnist Sandy Banks spent a day riding on the back of industry vet and XBIZ blogger Kim Airs’ motorcycle, but it wasn’t Kim, the sex toy entrepreneur — it was “Kim, the Santa Claus.”

Acknowledging Airs’ adult industry connection, Banks also mentions Airs’ “Big Vibe” motorcycle.

“I was glad we weren't on Air's other motorcycle, the one she rides on her day job. It's plastered with decals of condoms, vibrators and unmentionable sexual accouterments,” Banks says, because on this ride, she joins Airs on her gift-giving voyage throughout Los Angeles.

"I truly absolutely love riding around as Santa and giving out presents,” Airs told XBIZ. “To me, it's the true meaning of the holiday — selflessly giving away something that will bring joy to someone who would never expect anything, never mind from a motorcycle-riding Santa. I get to go to neighborhoods I've never been to, meet people and kids I would never have the opportunity to, to simply brighten their day. I feel truly blessed being able to do this every year."

Airs says she’s done this act of charity every year for the six years that she’s lived in L.A., “instead of Boston, I can actually ride my motorcycle at Christmastime,” she said. She goes out almost every weekend throughout December.

In the article, Banks — who dons an elf costume for the ride-along — describes the varying response she and Santa Kim elicit from children, parents and passersby on the street.

“Pedestrians waved, children stared, motorists shouted and honked. A truckload of gardeners gave us thumbs up, a pair of teenage girls stopped alongside us at a light and snapped photos with their iPhones.”

Ultimately, Airs is spotlighted for spreading cheer throughout L.A.

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