DickzToyz Owner New Spokesperson for Tiger Lube

ATLANTA — DickzToyz.com owner Dick Ross announced today that he has been named brand ambassador for Tiger Lubricant.

"I am honored to represent a sex lubriant that combines a high quality formula with a value proposition that makes it accessible to everyone," Ross said.

Tiger Lubricant made its debut at the Atlanta Gay Pride celebration this past Columbus Day weekend.

"We are an Atlanta based company. We are thankful to be a part of the diversity that Atlanta provides. Atlanta Pride was the signature event we wanted to release the Tiger brand. Many of our early supporters including Brushstrokes, influences for the formulation, and customers are members of the GLBT community. Supporting the GLTB community, providing high quality products and services is going to be key to our success going forward," Tiger co-founder Ryan Haynes, said.

Dickz Toyz said it will include Tiger Lubricant in 10 free workshops that will be held during the 2014 Urban Pride Season.

"I am excited for the opportunity to tour the country this spring. The urban gay market is an economic opportunity that can't be ignored. Our community is composed of business owners and high earning professionals that are eager to have better sex. Tiger Lubricant is a product that will enhance those experiences," Ross added.

Retailers and customers can visit TigerLubricant.com for more information and sales inquiries.