Sensuva Announces Kisses & Orgasms Pleasure Kit

Lila Gray

LOS ANGELES — Sensuva has announced the release of its Kisses & Orgasms Pleasure Kit.

Ideal for Valentine’s Day gifting, the kit features three products designed to instigate intimacy.

Each kit includes Strawberry X on the Lips Buzzing Lip Balm with pheromones, ON Natural Arousal Oil (for her) and a Sexy Kissing Guide that details more than 40 kissing techniques for couples.

All-natural and lightly scented, the Buzzing Lip Balm “turns your lips into a vibrator and transfers a tingly kiss onto your partner’s lips and other body parts,” a Sensuva rep said.

Sensuva’s ON Arousal Oil is menthol-free and supports personal lubrication. Each 50ml bottle provides 50 applications.

“Over 100 smiles, blushes, giggles and ‘ooh my’s’ possible in every kit,” the product tagline reads.

For product details and information, contact Sensuva Branding and Marketing Director Lisa Mazurek at or call (425) 880-6006.