Police Bust Hong Kong's Sex141.com

Rhett Pardon

KWAI CHUNG, China —  Police here arrested 114 people and seized three computer servers that hosted Sex141.com, which featured advertisements for hundreds of prostitutes.

Operators of the site made an estimated HK$60 million a year running Kwai Chung's biggest porn website, police told the South China Morning Post.

Kwai Ching is a town in the Kwai Tsing District of Hong Kong.

Police also seized HK$3.2 million in cash and shut down a production house, photo studio and a publication company that released a monthly magazine advertising prostitute services.

Police spokesman Joseph Au Chin-chau said that "each local sex worker was charged up to HK$1,500 a month for advertising their services on both platforms."

"Other gangs who arranged for mainland prostitutes to come to Hong Kong to work were charged between HK$5,100 and HK$18,200 each for 12 days of advertising of sex workers."

At a studio, sex workers were offered a free make-up service and costumes such as school uniforms before having photographs taken and videos made, police said.

"The photographs and video clips were then sent to the production house before being uploaded to the site," Au Chin-chau said.