PornTeam Celebrating 'Spritzz' Anniversary With Special DVD Deal

SAN FRANCISCO —PornTeam announced that in celebration of German twink studio, Spritzz’s 7th anniversary, it is offering special package deals on the line of DVDs.

The studio was founded in 2006 by Falk Lux after he got bored with German Television production and decided to forge ahead into directing porn, according to PornTeam. After directing his first critically acclaimed adult flick, “Million Dollar Boy” in 2006, he formed Spritzz in response to the demand for more of his films.

“Our brand consists of more then 35 different movies with models primarily from Germany, France and the U.K.,” Lux said. “We focus on high production value and unique content to create 'porn to make you happy.'"

PornTeam said Spritzz is “one of the hidden gems that is gaining traction in the U.S. market,” and is known for casting extra hung twinks and placing them in scenarios that are out of the norm.

“I simply love guys with big dicks and that is why there is a bigger than average number of models with really big tools at our studio,” Lux said. “If you're into guys with big dicks and foreskin, then there is a high potential of getting addicted to the Spritzz line of product.”

PornTeam President and CEO, Christopher Kren, is excited that American audiences are warming to the studio. He said, “Even though Spritzz has been around for seven years now, U.S. consumers weren't properly introduced to the brand right away. Once we get a new customer for their product, those customers become repeat buyers because they're hooked on the how great the movies are. Their stuff is literally that good. Twinks aren't anything new, but twinks this hung in these situations create unique mind and crotch blowing content.”

Commenting on the special offer, Kren added, “Technically, to celebrate a 7th anniversary, the proper gifts to give would be copper, wool, or a desk set. Since that's not very exciting, and very difficult to implement because of the fact that we're a porn distributor, I decided to give the world the gift of cock, wrapped up in a Spritzz package.”

Retailers and independent distributors can contact Michael Greig at PornTeam at (888) 999-2450, or email