Cherry Media Now Offering Web Design Services

Bob Johnson

BARCELONA — Cherry Media S.L. today announced that it is now offering a range of Specialist Design Services.

The company said that with more than 10 years of experience creating compelling marketing campaigns, promotions and designs for the mobile industry, its expert design team can now  help partners, brands, service providers and marketers.

Cherry’s new services include: mobile web design; CMS/Web page design and management; promotional and marketing campaign landing pages; online and mobile graphical banners; dynamic newsletter templates; app design templates and artwork; branding and infographics.

“Clients can now take advantage of our decade of experience designing content, products and marketing tools for the mobile industry,” founder and CEO Julia Dimambro, said.

She added, “We offer flexibility by providing clients with detailed and clearly labeled PSD layered designs, so that graphical elements can be easily adapted for an array of different purposes.Our CMS and web templates ensure that the layout, structure, visuals, add-ons and graphical elements give clients a fully optimized site that has a strong identity and allows clients to easily make changes and keep the content dynamic, on going. Cherry Media can work as your external design team on a project basis or as an ongoing monthly quota with greatly reduced rates.”

To view Cherry Media’s Design Services presentation click here.

For further information on the services email