Guangzhou National Sex Culture Festival Draws China’s Surplus of Men

Ariana Rodriguez

GUANGZHOU, China — A New York Times report says the success of the recent Guangzhou National Sex Culture Festival is largely due to China’s gender imbalance.

According to the article, “The overwhelming presence of men at the festival mirrored a demographic imbalance in China, where decades of the one-child rule and a cultural preference for sons combined with illegal sex-selective abortions have distorted the country’s gender ratio to 118 newborn boys for every 100 girls in 2012, rather than the normal 103 boys.”

Though marketing “healthy sex, happy families,” the festival targeted men’s erotic fantasies with pole dancers and a transgender fashion show, as well as exhibitors of aphrodisiacs, sex toys, lots of blow-up dolls and lingerie.

“Chinese men have a fetish for tearing off a woman’s clothes, so they’re not looking for romance,” Huang Yulong, a rep the for lingerie company Toylace, told the New York Times also noting that her male customers are most likely shopping for their mistresses.

The three-day expo was held in Guangdong, in southern China.