New Charges, Arrest Possible in Ray Guhn Case

Michael Hayes
PENSACOLA, Fla. — The case against adult webmaster Clinton Raymond McCowen, aka Ray Guhn, and two other men may expand, according to the prosecutor, who said he might name another defendant in the case and possibly bring an additional charge against one or all of the defendants.

Assistant State Attorney Russ Edgar, who will prosecute the case against McCowen, Andrew Kevin Craft and Kevin Patrick Stevens, told the Navarre Press, a local newspaper, that, “we have one more to do.”

According to the paper, Edgar was speaking in reference to the possibility of naming an additional defendant as well as another charge in the case, which includes charges for obscenity, racketeering and solicitation of prostitution.

“We can only be left to speculate on what’s going on,” McCowen’s attorney Larry Walters told XBIZ. “They’ve pretty much covered the waterfront of charges.”

According to Walters, comments by Edgar may indicate that a new charge may be brought and a new defendant named, or they may simply suggest that the prosecutor plans to clarify and refine his case.

“We know that there is a grand jury empanelled in Pensacola,” Walters said. “Often times prosecutors will clarify their charges, adding more dates and facts from the initial indictment. A grand jury indictment isn’t required in Florida, but prosecutors typically like to use them in very serious cases like this.”

Walters said that information obtained by his defense team did indicate that law enforcement had been forced into bringing charges against the men early because of an investigative mistake that may have alerted the defendants to the fact that they were the subject of a government investigation.

McCowen who owns Global Technologies Inc., did business as Ray Guhn Productions and owned the Cash Titans affiliate program. He owned and shot content for with his partner, Stevens. Craft served as general manager of the site.

A report in the Navarre Press also indicated that McCowen might have sold the company. Edgar told the paper that he was aware of the status of the business. He confirmed that the state has not brought any civil forfeiture actions against McCowen.

The case is set for an Oct. 30 trial date. However, neither side believes the case will be ready by then.

McCowen, Stevens and Craft could face up to 30 years in prison and a $10,000 fine, if convicted. The three men remain free on bond, pending trial.