2much.net Introduces 'ViPeR' Software Platform

Bob Johnson

MONTREAL —  Live video chat software producer 2much.net has introduced its LiveCamNetwork 5.0 “ViPeR” platform.

"ViPeR" (Virtual Private Rooms) are automatically generated, ready-to-market recorded archives of a chat host's best VIP and group chat moments.

The company said the VOD program — that comes with the 2much "complete live video chat solution" — can also be purchased individually as a plug-in to any site needing previously recorded webcam chat sessions.

As part of 2much.net's MBase performer sharing feature, it allows webmasters and site operators to customize the selection of performer recordings on a pick and click basis. What makes the 2much platform stand out, according to company spokesperson Prince, is the unique opportunity it provides for both site owners and chat models to make money from past live sessions.

"The performers on most webcam systems don't get to keep the rights to their content, model name or pictures," Prince said. "They don't get paid for future viewings of recorded chat sessions. On ViPeR, they get paid for as long as their archive is getting views. And the more content they generate, the more is watched, and the more sales are made."

For example, most of the better chat models are college girls, according to LiveCamNetwork.com media and model manager Brookelynne Briar. "When school starts up again in September after having the summer off, attendance and regularity of cam models slumps," she said. “Which is when the Virtual Private Rooms come in handy.”

"College students could still log in occasionally, get prepped for the new semester, and still make money," Briar added.  The manager maintained that she herself has herself has benefited from the system. "At least I didn't have to put in 40 hours a week at a fast food factory and sacrifice all that school time. I was able to support myself with the camming and the residuals from my archives."

The product is also available as a stand-alone site. For more information about ViPeR visit 2much.net.