Digital Playground Releases 'Mineshaft'

Lila Gray

BURBANK, Calif.— Digital Playground is set to release director Robby D.’s new scripted comedy “Mineshaft” tomorrow.

Crossover sensation James Deen and veteran performer Erik Everhard topline the film as escaped convicts hiding out in a small mining town.

“We’re tipping our hat to the prison break comedy,” Robby D. said. “It’s like Discovery’s ‘Gold Rush’ meets ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou,’ but for people who can’t watch anything with their pants on.”

“Mineshaft” opens with Deen and Everhard on the run from the law after escaping prison. Incognito among local gold miners, they meet parolees Allie Haze and Missy Martinez.

Once the girls inform the duo about their horrid working conditions at the hands of sleazy supervisor Tommy Gunn, they devise a plan together to give Gunn his comeuppance. But not before doing a little drilling of their own… 

“Robby D.’s ‘Mineshaft’ is one of those features that will appeal equally to men, women and couples,” said James Jakodema, creative director for Digital Playground. “Allie Haze and Missy Martinez sizzle as the bad girl miners, while James Deen and Erik Everhard’s chemistry as prison-fleeing buddies is hysterical.”

“Mineshaft” also features performances by Maddy O'Riley, Ava Adams, Andy San Dimas, Gulliana Alexis, Chad White and Ryan Driller.

To view the box cover and trailer for “Mineshaft,” click here.