Alternadudes Bends Gender With James Darling

LOS ANGELES — Gay studio has signed on FTM transgender porn star James Darling.

Darling is an award-winning performer and director and is currently nominated for the Tranny Awards FTM Performer of the Year.

Alternadudes President Chris Koloff says he is happy about the new pairing, “James came to us and the minute he did there wasn't a doubt that he'd be great on the site.”

“It's always interesting when you forge into new territory,” he continued. “People are scared of what may happen if you color outside the lines. As people find out about James working for Alternadudes, I've been hearing about how 'brave' we are. I don't think that's the case at all. If someone doesn't like the idea or isn't into it, then they can watch the other few hundred scenes we have. There's plenty of alt guys of all sorts to go around, and James is now one of those guys.”

“I think it will get a lot of exposure,” Darling said. “A lot of my fans are excited and there seems to already be a buzz about it out there. I picked Alternadudes because I've always liked their work and the way they devote their site to the guys that are sometimes too out there for other companies to feature.

“I fit in with the guys of Alternadudes. I look a lot like many hip, punkish guys my age, but one thing that sets me apart is that I'm a female-to-male trans person, meaning that I was assigned female at birth and later transitioned to male. I still have my 'original plumbing' and I love my extra hole and have no desire to change it. I identify and live my life as a man. Most people would have no idea I'm trans unless I told them (or they watch a lot of internet porn!) and it's not something I think about as much anymore outside of porn.”

A new full-length scene starring Darling and his tatted co-star, Ruckus, is now available on