Feelmore Open 7 Days a Week Beginning Dec. 1

Ariana Rodriguez

OAKLAND, Calif. — After almost three years in business, boutique retailer Feelmore Adult Gallery will be open on Sundays beginning on Dec. 1, which is World Aids Day.

According to Feelmore510 owner Nenna Joiner, the store previously was only open six days a week due to her limited experience in adult retailer. Now, however, she’s gained a greater understanding for the business and its location in Oakland.

“It’s now time to continue to move the vision forward,” she said.

Feelmore510 also has expanded its team to include “key knowledge experts.”

“As an owner operated store, at times, I just needed to have that Sunday to reset from the other six days as well as to attend Church,” Joiner said. “Sunday’s are like my leadership days where under one roof I get to hear powerful information that not only transforms my life but has undoubtedly transform my business. And even though I’m tasking my team to take the lead on Sundays, I will continue to work on the vision for Feelmore.”

Feelmore510’s Sunday hours will be 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Feelmore510 is located at 1703 Telegraph Ave.