Tanya Tate to Speak at an L.A. University Tomorrow

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — British adult star and entrepreneur Tanya Tate is set to speak about her public relations company, Star Factory PR, tomorrow at a university based in the L.A area.

Tate was invited by sociologist Chauntelle Tibbals speak at her Sex Roles in Work (ie, Gender in the Workplace) course.

Throughout the semester, 80 upper-level students at an L.A. university have been exploring ideas related to gender inequalities in the contemporary workplace. And, in what Tibbals calls an effort to connect social theory with lived experience, the professor incorporated a speaker series into the curriculum.

“It’s one thing to read about gender in the workplace and it’s another to hear from people in the midst of their careers,” Tibbals said. “I wanted my students to get a multidimensional picture of contemporary workplace culture.”

“I am very honored to be speaking about Star Factory PR and the work we do,” Tate commented. “Publicity is an important facet of business and to have the opportunity to discuss its merits at a university is very exciting.”

Tate is one of six speakers from a wide variety of fields visiting the classroom this semester.

“I am beyond pleased that my students have the opportunity to learn from Tanya. In addition to gender, we have discussed issues related to mentoring, public relations, social capital and networking,” Tibbals added. “Her insights into these areas will be invaluable. Further, as a member of the adult industry, Tanya can speak to so many issues directly related to the local community and economy.”

While the specific university hosting Tate will not be disclosed, Tanya will make her notes available online through her publicity website, StarFactoryPR.com.