MunkeyBarz Signs $100K National Media Company Deal

Lila Gray

LOS ANGELES — MunkeyBarz announced today that the company has signed a $100,000 TV media deal with a national media company.   

The media company will provide advertising and private funding access for advertising and marketing campaigns in exchange for equity based investments, revenue share participation or flexible payments on revolving credit lines, MunkeyBarz said in a release.  

During the testing, MunkeyBarz will be running 30 second, 60 second and two minute “long form” commercials and infomercials that will target specific markets and also target the locations of the upcoming 2014 MunkeyBarz “Go Bananas” Tour, which is scheduled to hit the road early next spring.  

“We have worked really hard to get here and have learned so much along the way,” MunkeyBarz CEO Mike Beadle said. “I’m so proud of my team and we know what happens when we show people MunkeyBarz.  So when they offered us this amazing deal that would allow us to show more people through TV ads, we jumped on it.”

MunkeyBarz will be testing in three phases, and will use the data garnered from each phase to narrow the targeted marketing for the next phase. 

Beadle says he wants to "zero in on the company’s customer base" and transition into the mainstream in 2014.