Perfect Fit Brand Hits Company Milestones

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Perfect Fit Brand announced that it has recently hit several company milestones.

The company said that its YouTube channel has surpassed 150,000 views in less than one year after its launch. The products featured in the demo videos have also had some record breaking launches on its retail gay site.

Perfect Fit’s channel features demonstration videos for their full product line from Trenton Ducati, Christopher Daniels, Girth Brooks, Joe Parker, David Chase and Jimmy Fanz. The videos are featured as an informative visual for websites and brick and mortar retailers to help educate consumers, sell, and market their products worldwide.

Since launching last year on Black Friday, Hump Gear has broken all records by consistently holding the number one position for nearly 12 months, the company noted. Hump Gear is three toys in one — a cock sheath, a butt plug, and a masturbation toy.

And the Armour Gear line continues to grow and impress users with different variations and sizes that appeal to a very large and growing consumer base.

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