Traffic Force Adds New Optimization Option

Rhett Pardon

NEW YORK — Traffic Force announced Thursday that the technology company has unveiled a powerful new tool that helps ad buyers understand customers better, while improving performance and profitability of every ad in the Traffic Force inventory.

The new tool, Automated Ad Optimization, uses real-time statistical tracking across all ads on a per account basis to select the best-performing creatives.

"Traffic Force provides 10 billion premium impressions each month, and we understand the importance of ad CTR for our clients,"'s Ross said. "Displaying the best ads, as dictated by actual customers rather than assumptions is providing a significant boost for several clients who have started using the system.

"Instead of pausing ads manually and swapping creatives to chase traffic trends on your account, Traffic Force can now do it all for you automatically, increasing or decreasing the visibility of specific ads in your campaign based on their current performance level.

"Better ads, faster response to information, higher CTR and greater profitability — it's a big step forward."

Because the best CTR ads are not always the most profitable ones, turning on Automated Ad Optimization is optional, Ross said. For accounts that do opt-in, the system will weight ads in priority order to send more impressions to ads with the highest CTR, while eventually deciding which ones to obviate so that only the top performers in each account are kept live.

Clients can remove certain ads from optimization or disable it altogether, providing flexibility and ease of use. The automated system can also be turned on for ads already in the system or for new ads added moving forward.

"Best of all, the data clients can track from the CTR of top performing creatives in an account is also useful for understanding the target audience and fine tuning the overall message of your marketing campaigns," he said.