LELO Announces New B2B Business Strategies for 2014

Ariana Rodriguez

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Swedish luxury brand LELO has announced the implementation of revised and upgraded U.S. business strategies for 2014.

The company says it will be contacting all U.S. distributors and retailers regarding the changes in the coming weeks, adding that it has set out plans to solidify relationships with its most dedicated partners and fuel industry growth for the years ahead.

“LELO senior executives and board members have approved a plan to revise the current distribution and retail structure, partnering more closely with leading retailers who are fully invested in the LELO brand, as well as distributors who are capable of marketing and promoting LELO to its fullest with North and South American consumers,” the company says. 

The undertaking will commence immediately with LELO’s MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) policy applied more stringently across all channels. The company explains such moves are necessary due to what it describes as maximizing the “LELO currency” in stores, which exceeds other leading sex toy companies by up to 700 percent in terms of annual revenue gained per individual LELO product sold in store.

The company cites the reasons for such success as not only its continued investment in innovation and industry-defining product launches, but also LELO brand recognition in mainstream media.

“We are eager to meet with our current partners to evaluate our futures together,” said Donna Faro, LELO’s U.S. director of sales and marketing. “With many new product designs and technologies planned for 2014, it is vital that we have partners that can work closely with us to meet today’s market demands. We firmly believe that success is dependent on the quality of the partnerships we cultivate.”

LELO has also highlighted the greater emergence of knock-off products and poor-quality imitations on the market, prompting issues with brand identity confusion among consumers, as another key component of the terms that influence this strategic reorganization.

Faro adds, “LELO transformed the industry 10 years ago, and we are ideally placed to take intimate lifestyle products to a whole new level. But that requires a full buy-in from our partners — when you share a clear vision in your business relationships, everyone realizes the full revenue potential of expanding the market, with the end-customer benefitting as a result.”

LELO will launch further new products through the holiday season, with marketing and exposure at an all-time high, the company said.