MunkeyBarz Announces 2014 Promo Tour

LOS ANGELES — MunkeyBarz announced today its plans for an upcoming 2014 MunkeyBarz Promo Tour that will run from Feb. 25 through March 18.  

The tour will hit four of the largest annual events in the U. S., including Mardi Gras, Panama City Spring break, Daytona Bike Week and Carnival Miami.  

The MunkeyBarz crew says they will make the month-long journey on a tour bus wrapped in the company's logos.

"We are excited to be taking the show on the road in such a big way,” MunkeyBarz CEO Mike Beadle said. “Cranking it off at home in New Orleans for Mardi Gras is going to set the tone, and it's going to be be one giant kick-ass party for a whole month non-stop. I want ten girls on the bus and I want to reach as many people as we can touch.”

MunkeyBarz will be holding regional Munkey Model contests in order to cast the new 2014 “Munkies” crew that will accompany the tour. The 2014 Munkies will also be featured in a Munkey Models show and dance at select nightclubs along the tour.

Sponsors will have the opportunity to co-brand at different levels, including the sub-events, at each stop of the tour, a MunkeyBarz rep said.  

For more information about tour sponsorship and packages, call 818-284-6882 or email