WiFi-Enabled Thrusting Vibe Blackcatbox Crowd-Funding Campaign Announced

Ariana Rodriguez

HOUSTON — Sikwrx Inc. has launched an IndieGoGo.com campaign for its Blackcatbox device — a thrusting vibrator that can be controlled with a smartphone app.

The Blackcatbox also features clit stimulation through three separate flexible silicone-covered stimulators — the center tickler is longer and spins at a different speed than the outer ticklers and is meant to stimulate the Labia Majore while the other two stimulate the Labia Minor. Its shaft extends three inches, giving the user an adjustable length of 5.75 inches to 8.75 inches.

The companion smartphone app controls the device through WiFi, though the device also features presets accessible with a simple touch of a button located on the toy.

In addition to a Blackcatbox-branded printed circuit board, the device operates with a USI Broadcom WiFi chip, “the very same as you might find in your Apple or Android smart device,” the company says.

“When the device is turned on and a friend logs on to the website they can, with your password, control the device,” the company says in its IndieGoGo campaign. “The device itself connects to your home's WiFi and it sends the feed to your mobile devices over WiFi, 3G and 4G cellular networks.”

In addition to the customizable maximum extended length of the Blackcatbox, the device app also remembers four points along the extension to allow the user to control the depth of each thrust. The app also allows users to download preset motions as well as “record a session.”

The device is covered in silicone with a nylon structure.

The Blackcatbox is fully rechargeable, and comes with extras including a satin-lined bag and logo keychain.  

The company is looking to raise $100,000 to fast-track production. “The funds raised will be used for finalization of the silicone molds, purchase of the plastic molds and begin the manufacturing process,” the company said. “Your support will go directly to cover the cost of manufacturing the actual device you ordered.”

According to the company it has already invested $100,00 of its own funds for design, patent filing, prototyping, software validation and programming.