Rock Candy Unveils 'His Son's Boyfriend'

John Sanford

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Rock Candy Films has announced the DVD and VOD release of "His Son's Boyfriend."

Written and directed by Nica Noelle, the film is also streaming exclusively on the AEBN video-on-demand network.

Matthew Rush stars as a middle-aged dad who's emotionally overwhelmed and confused to learn that his college-aged son, Damien Taylor, has come out to his mother, Darla Crane. Things get even harder for Matthew to deal with when Damien brings his new boyfriend, Connor Patrick, home for winter break.

Matthew is frightened to feel sexually attracted to Connor, whom he knows is off limits. When Damien cheats on Connor with an old professor, though, the jilted lover turns to Matthew for comfort, guidance, and more. "His Son's Boyfriend" also stars Landon Conrad and C.J. Parker.

"The forbidden lust story is something that Nica Noelle does particularly well, especially when she has such great talent performing on screen," said Jerry Anders, general manager at Rock Candy Films. "'His Son's Boyfriend' is another fine example of what our viewers love to see. It was a success on VOD and we're excited to bring it to our DVD customers."

"There's nothing more arousing than to watch good people struggle with forbidden, lustful impulses, especially in family relationships, which are particularly taboo," Noelle said. "I'm so excited to bring these exciting themes to my gay audience, and to depict the many varieties of male-to-male sexual attraction. Matthew Rush is perfect as the uptight, secretly closeted father of the more sexually open college student Damien Taylor."