AMK Empire Ships ‘I Don’t Believe in Razors’

TARZANA, Calif. — AMK Empire has released “I Don’t Believe in Razors,” featuring a cast of nine unshaven starlets.

The DVD includes nine scenes and more than three hours of footage.

Starring in the movie are Tiffany, Seta, Beryl, Irene, Penelope Prince, Cherri Noir, Elly Tripp, Eva Louise and Victoria.

“Bush is back; it’s having a resurgence,” AMK Producer Melissa Campos, said. “While hairy girls have always been a staple of AMK Empire’s niche offerings, the fetish is actually growing in popularity among consumers of adult mainstream. Young men, like their fathers, are discovering how sexy a woman can be when her most intimate area is hidden. It’s mysterious, and mystery feeds anticipation.”

The film is being distributed through Exile Distribution and is slated to street Nov. 6.

To order the movie call Howard Levine at (818) 576-9464 or email