PHS Debuts Stainless Steel C-rings

PHOENIX  PHS International introduces its latest stainless steel designer cock rings.

The company said this series of solid and sturdy rings feature refined inlays inspired by classic jewelry and decor design.

Featuring clean lines and sleek styling, these new stainless steel cock rings make a sophisticated statement, the company said.

PHS has debuted four lux inlays, each catering to a unique taste. They include the Greek Key, which features a historic pattern that surrounds the ring and is known for symbolizing friendship, love and devotion; the Ball Chain, which features a narrow band around the center for a simple and masculine look; the Chain Link offers a pattern which adds a hard element to the steel ring for edgier erotic expression and the Barbed Wire, which offers a pattern that represents a sense of strength and power.

The company said that these new stainless steel cock rings give men a modern way to express their erotic style while adorning their packages with a luxurious form of erotic jewelry that also supports sexual endurance.

When worn properly, these rings help push the penis and testicles up and forward with their substantial weight and rigid shape.

“Our premium quality stainless steel cock rings have inspired a new way for retailers to sell cock rings and an entirely new way for men to wear them,” PHS CEO Chuck Harnish said. “There’s truly nothing quite like a man adorned with a stainless steel ring and now we’ve given men and women the chance to personalize their purchase with the choice of these four classic decorative patterns.”

The company is encouraging retailers to introduce more stainless steel into their inventories and expand their appeal to male shoppers with variety and quality.

In addition to these new inlays, PHS also offers red, yellow and blue enamel inlays and black and chrome finishes  all swing-tagged with a ball-chain connector and velvet pouch ideal for display in a glass case.

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