Feelmore Owner Finishes Nike Women's Half Marathon

OAKLAND, Calif. This past weekend the owner of Feelmore Adult Gallery participated in the Nike Women’s Half Marathon.

After two hours and 30 minutes, Nenna finished the 13.6-mile course through San Francisco.

“It started as a Facebook dare from a friend asking me to write a caption for a local sport store photo contest. Receiving most votes by the day’s end, I would be guaranteed an entry spot in Nike’s 10th Annual Women’s Marathon," she said.

At the end of the day, Nenna won the entry spot and began training.

With six weeks and more than 40 miles logged in training, she finished the race without stopping.

“You don’t know what you have inside until it’s your time," she said. "I figured that just like I stepped up to open Feelmore for which I had no experience, this would be no different but just as rewarding. I finished with a great time amongst 30,000 other participants."

Nenna trained three to four days per week and at times after a 16-hour shift. During those times, she stayed focused on the main goal of the race, fighting Leukemia.

For more information, visit Feelmore510.com.