Courtney Trouble Heads to Australia

SYDNEY — Courtney Trouble heads down under this month for multiple screenings, presentations and special appearances in Sydney and Melbourne. 

Trouble will be attending the Perv Film Festival, which takes place in Sydney Oct 31. through Nov. 3. 

She will be presenting a special introduction during the Queer Porn screening and holding a Q&A, as well as acting as special guest judge for the festival’s short film competition. 

Trouble will also be a guest at the festival’s special panel of Australian feminist porn makers, including Liandra Dahl, Anna Brownfield, Gala Vanting and Ms. Naughty. 

“I’m profoundly impressed by the pornography that comes out of Australia,” Trouble said. “The women and men making erotic works down under are incredibly focused on artistry, passion and impeccable on-set ethics and shooting standards. I am sure I will learn from them as much as they’ll learn from me, if not more.” 

In Melbourne, Trouble will be presenting a unique collection of her all-time favorite porn scenes from the TroubleFilms DVD line and collaborating on a workshop that will discuss How to Watch Porn in regards to supporting artists, women in the industry and ethical businesses. 

“A lot of people harbor guilt or shame around watching porn, or think that they should be watching a certain kind of porn, but they don’t know what or where that is,” she said. “I’m excited to host a panel with Australia's finest porn makers and feminist thinkers to have a heart-felt discussion about sex-positive and porn watching and bring to the table a few of my favorite sex-positive porn suggestions.” 

Trouble was featured in this month’s Time Out Sydney magazine, discussing her thoughts on safer sex porn practices, queer identity, BBW porn and what she’s bringing to Australia. 

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