Las Vegas Review-Journal Spotlights

Bob Johnson

LAS VEGAS — Up and coming adult studio,, is gaining notoriety as one of the new porn companies setting up shop in Sin City.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal featured the company run by a group of porn vets including director Lee Roy Myers, performer James Deen and his girlfriend Stoya — a brain trust that delivers content particularly appealing to “Generation Y,"  an Internet-weaned group used to free porn with an appetite for something more.

“It’s partially a generational thing,” Stoya told the Review-Journal. “Because of the Internet, combined with the more graphic sexualization of mass culture, people that are say 20 to 30 are just like, ‘OK, sex, whatever. I do this and I do that, and sometimes I have sex with people on camera.’”

Deen and Stoya reportedly shopped for a 10,000-square-foot space for WoodRocket dubbed the  “Mission Control Studio” on Industrial Road that’s now a legal, permitted motion picture studio. Myers even moved his family to Vegas in May.

And the director gave the paper a tour of his new digs, complete with the big black throne made for his “Game of Bones” parody.

It appears as though the Vegas move has made sense. Myers said he hasn’t received any complaints from locals — noting the studio’s not in the public’s face — especially since the company is creating “non-porn” products as well including podcasts and web videos.

The article pointed to the “James Deen Loves Food” video that received mainstream buzz when he ordered one of everything at a McDonald’s but was refused service. WoodRocket’s web series “Topless Girls Reading Books” also got kudos.

“We’ve got a lot of porn stars shooting non-sex things out here,” Myers said. “There’s a comedy in somebody known for being oversexed doing something non-sexual.”

New WoodRocket episodes include Stoya’s gun-shooting series at Battlefield Vegas. She said there’s lots to shoot in Vegas, it has less traffic, more entertainment, better restaurants, and filming is cheaper.

“In L.A., you need a permit to film your kids running around the yard,” Myers quipped.

And unlike L.A.'s Measure B, Vegas has no such mandatory condom requirements, making it an attractive alternative to porn producers.

WoodRocket joins other Vegas porn studios including gay companies, Bait & Tackle and Corbin Fisher, along with Brazzers, in addition to a burgeoning webcam industry. 

Myers said Woodrocket still has crews in L.A. but he thinks more companies will call Vegas home. “I can see it every day," Myers said.