Shane's World Toys' College Students Tour Stops at Arizona State

LOS ANGELES Shane’s World Toys continues its nationwide tour of college campuses with a stop at Arizona State.

Along with co-sponsor California Exotic Novelties, Shane's World Toys has been paying visits to college campuses from coast to coast to introduce coeds to their toys, spread sexual awareness and safety while promoting a strong, sex-positive message.

Building on the success and excitement of their stop at Chico State in California earlier this year, the Shane's World Toys team headed to Arizona State University on a mission.

"We chose ASU because it is a notorious party school," Shane's World CEO Brian Grant said. "In the past, students have been very willing to have fun with us. ASU students were fantastic and really appreciated the toys. We will be back for sure."

The crew hit campus in a giving mood. Before they were finished they had given away upwards of a 1,000 sex toys to lucky college students. Shane's World hit up the local ASU hotspots to make sure they share as much joy and positive sexual energy as possible.

They passed out toys to both male and female students alike. Among the popular toys the crew gave away were the Sparkle Vibe, His Stimulator, Orgasm Balls and the appropriately named Sorority Rush Vibe.

"It's been awhile since you guys have been back," said one coed. "The school has really cracked down but who cares? We're glad you came back and with toys."

The presence of Shane's World Toys spread on social media.

The news was tweeted by several students including one who proclaimed via Twitter "No lie a random person walked up to me outside of my math class and asked if I wanted free sex toys. Funniest stuff all day!"

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