Fun Factory Inspires ‘Pulsator’ Category in eCommerce

Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — Last Friday, pioneering novelty retail chain Good Vibrations created the first-ever “pulsators” toy category on the web.

Good Vibe’s Executive Vice President Jackie Strano says, "Good Vibrations is delighted to be the first to bring the pulsators web category to U.S. consumers. Fun Factory’s innovative new line of toys (Stronic pulsators) offers a new way to think about intimate products and a new opportunity to celebrate pleasure."

 Fun Factory says it encouraged all of its partners to create this new web category and promote it.

“There was no pre-existing toy category for the Stronic on any retail website,” Fun Factory USA Director of Marketing Emilie Rosan said. “This new thrusting toy is not a vibrator, it’s a pulsator; the category simply had to be created. We are very proud of our partners for launching this new web category and for always striving to educate customers about the latest advances in the field of pleasure technologies.”  

Online retailer Eden Fantasys is also getting on board with the new “pulsators” category. Fun Factory says Eden Fantasys’ programmers are working to release the updated toy menus and search options before this end of this week.

Leading novelty websites, and others are also due to launch the “pulsators” category before Halloween this year.

Fun Factory USA CEO Frederic Walme said he thinks this new way for e-commerce sites to categorize toys will positively impact the whole industry.

“This must be the first time in decades that any retailers have had to add a brand new toy category to their menus,” Walme said. “Fun Factory is very proud to bring a new option to consumers. For a long time, shoppers could pick between vibrators or dildos. Now they have a new third option. Retailers are instrumental in informing the public about their options, and we thank them for their support and making the “pulsators” category happen.”